Experience what it's like to have a genius along on

your next golf trip.

Take a free Test Drive and experience the full power of the GolfTripGenius ToolKit. This Test Drive just happens to be going to Genius Island Golf Resort. The Genius Island golf trip has a predefined number of players and rounds, and the only golf courses you can access are the tracks at Genius Island. You can see how 8 players playing 5 rounds of golf benefit from all the great features of GolfTripGenius. You can invite your fellow golf travelers, use all of the Perfect Pairings capabilities, set-up and score tournaments, create a trip book, and track your expenses. You can experiment with this trip for an hour, a day, or as long you’d like.

So put the pedal to metal and discover just how much more fun (and fewer headaches) you can have by taking the genius along with you on your next golf trip.

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